The Great Prestige – How It All Begun

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The Great Prestige Show Mysteries of the Mind


How it started:
The Great Prestige, first premiered as an exclusive show that ran exclusively for eight consecutive weeks at Pallazo Capua in Malta, the Mecca Island of Magic. It featured the award wining magic duo Brian Role and Lola Palmer who presented their best with over 60 minutes of non stop entertainment catered for the mind. It was perfectly set at the iconic Palazzo Capua, a beautiful Palazzo in Sliema built around 200 years ago, now part of The Palace and The Victoria Hotels.

Those who came to experience this unique night out, were treated with top class entertainment throughout one amazing evening in an extraordinary atmosphere. They came face to face with mesmerizing acts of unexplainable magical occurrences and amazing performances of mind-reading among other feats of mentalism that may have appeared to be the result of psychic or paranormal practices.

Capua Palace Malta

For over 1 hour, guests were indulged into the fantastic world of the impossible with feats defying explanation, fun and loads of participation. Everything achieved during the show were results using a combination of skillful abilities, suggestive psychology, and top showmanship, or so it has been claimed!

Mind Reading Show MaltaIn

In 2017, and through The Great Prestige, another show started to emerge, The Mind Show started taking shape with even more unexplainable acts of mind reading and mentalism. In 2018, Brian introduced some of his original ideas from The Great Prestige and The Mind Show in the Luxury Magic Show’s, ‘Full Moon Magic’. During the latter show the final prediction act had everything to do with the moon. The Great Prestige ended its weekly schedule of regular performances open to the public and started offering more exclusive shows for private bookings.


Palazzo Capua is a historical palazzo set In The Heart of Sliema, in Malta. For nearly 200 years Palazzo Capua has dominated the Sliema landscape. This splendid monument to a bygone age has been referred to as probably one of the oldest and finest buildings in Sliema, Malta. Its allure is further enhanced by the romance bound to its past residents, most prominent among who were the star-crossed residents who gave it their name, Prince of Capua, Carlo di Borbone, and his Irish wife Penelope. Following this his brother Ferdinand II King of the Two Sicilies confiscated all his property and exiled him.

Palazzo Capua Sliema Malta

Today, Palazzo Capua has been carefully restored to its formal glory. This prestigious stand alone Palazzo has been transformed into an exclusive meetings and events venue, together with a personal and boutique ambience, it also offers five distinctive suites named after the palace’s past residents.